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Lucia Arevalos, Paraguay

I understand that as a Paraguayan citizen I have a right to health, education and resources, but I can’t access these rights,
because our ability to produce food and other things is disappearing. We can’t even visit our mother who lives far away because we can’t afford it now. I want everybody to come and see what’s happening here. Soy is
being planted everywhere, even right next to the creek, which is being poisoned. And where does the water go? It runs through our land, and is the root cause of all our diseases. On the lower part of our land there’s a stream we all used to bathe in, but we can’t do that any more, it makes us itch and gives us hives. People are being driven away and the schools are empty. And it’s not just us, this is happening everywhere.

Photo by: Miguel Lovera

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