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Juana Vera Delgado, Peru/the Netherlands

Juana Vera Delgado, of rural Peruvian origin has been living in the Netherlands for the last 12 years. An agricultural engineer by training, she became intrigued by the dynamics of power relations on peoples everyday lives in rural areas, especially surrounding gender. Coming from a patriarchal family, she faced opposition to her dreams to study and enter the male dominated world of rural engineering, but her grit and intelligence landed her various scholarships and she completed a Phd. Today she spends her time as a lead expert at the Gender Water Alliance, working at both global and grassroots levels, in the UN policy arena bringing more attention to gender and water, but also training rural people, especially community organisers, on understanding and including gender in their daily work to build a more just society.

Photo by: Ashlesha Khadse, GFC media team, 26 Aug 2016, Utrecht, Netherlands

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